On 21 November 2010, mayors from 138 world cities met in Mexico City to sign the Global Cities Climate Pact (The Mexico City Pact) and step up to the challenge of fighting global warming on the local level. To date, 207 cities are pact signatories.

One year later, signatory cities made good on their promise and jointly took up a number of different actions to fight global warming. The Fundación Pensar. Planeta, Política, Persona, which also acts as the Global Cities Climate Pact Secretariat, has just published its First Mexico City Pact Annual Report for 2011. The report is a synthesis of information on cities’ respective mitigation and adaptation activities.

Read the First Annual Report 2011 of the Mexico City Pact
Download the First Annual Report 2011 of the Mexico City Pact on PDF format


The original texts provided for this report have been synthesized and adapted based on official information the foundation received from individual cities.

This publication makes the information contained within it available for personal and public non-profit use and can be reproduced, in part or in full, in any medium, without remuneration or previous authorization, provided that its sources are always cited.